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Under Construction

Under Construction I am currently rebuilding this website with Gatsby/React; you can see my old portfolio at:

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Not fully implemented.


21 April, 2018

Learning GraphQL as I build this website. So far I do not understand much but I have been able to add postType as a MarkdownRemark (I…


18 April, 2018

PC and Pi based robotic projects coming soon. link .


18 April, 2018

assets and more coming soon. link .


18 April, 2018

Links to Projects More coming very soon link .

Seas of Calliope

18 April, 2018

Explore the coasts. Buy low sell high to earn enough money to add items to your homestead or to buy more ships. Travel the seas with your…

👊 🌎

17 April, 2018

Welcome to my new Gatsby/React blog. I will be posting info about my current projects and links to my past projects. I will also probably…

2018 Index

17 April, 2018

not implemented yet


15 April, 2018

Contact link .


15 April, 2018

About Me link .